Company Solutions

Amriq (Pvt) Limited is an apparel and home textile sourcing company which selects the right vendor for the appropriate product and is responsible for all development, merchandising and quality control management for that product. We ensure firm commitment till it satisfies the end user customer.


Amriq (Pvt) Limited is operating as a textile product buying agent and inspection agency for sourcing textiles, textile made-ups including yarn and fabrics for our worldwide customers.

Amriq (Pvt) Limited has a good capability to patch up between our over-seas clients & local manufactures to ensure valuable services, products development, timely deliveries and making sure that quality is of international acceptable standards.

a) Sourcing

Right sourcing is the key to success in imports from Pakistan. In order to execute a purchase order for you, it is vital to select the prime vendor who would fulfill your needs.

Some of our sourcing prerequisites include:

  • Financial strength
  • Technical abilities
  • Factory layout, equipment, personnel and productivity
  • Sample room
  • Vendor’s strength and reputation in dealing with customers based on years of experience and interaction

b) Quality Assurance Management

  • Factory Evaluation and Compliance Audit

Prior to developing and business relationship with a potential supplier, Team – Amriq will conduct a Factory Evaluation to assess the factory’s physical facilities as well as their quality performance. The Compliance team will then audit a factory that satisfies all requirements. General outlines of the audit are as follows:

  • Good factory setup
  • Condition and suitability of equipment
  • Quality conformance and technical competency
  • Safe and healthy workplace
  • Child Labor
  • Forced or involuntary labor
  • Disciplinary practice
  • Non-discrimination
  • Working hours and overtime
  • Fair wages

Quality Assurance Procedures

  • Conduct Pre-Production meeting with vendors
  • Track fabric status and verify quality
  • Review production planning and monitor production status
  • Cary out quality audit as per buyers requirements

Quality Audit

Pre-Production Stage

  • Fabric Inspection Procedure
  • Fabric and Garment Pualierformance Testing
  • Preparation of Inspection
  • Pre-Production Meeting

Work in Progress

  • Initial Inspection (1st inline inspection)
  • DurPro Insptection (Subsequent inline inspection)
  • Prior to Shipment
  • Final Random Inspection

c) Post Shipment Responsibilities

We ensure firm commitment with it till it satisfies the end user customer